2018 NFL Season Preview:

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    Game Pass Rankings (Part II) Before you continue http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/benardrick-mckinney-jersey , check your bank account. Do you have $99? If you don’t, close the browser. Go mow some lawns, babysit some twenty-somethings’ children, donate plasma http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/ka_imi-fairbairn-jersey , and head to the Coinstar. Cool. You’re back? You do have $99? Onwards now.Purchase NFL Game Pass and gear up for the best way to watch football. Watch the games LIVE that you care about, ignore the rest, go for a walk instead, and then come back. Examine the recent past with coach’s film and condensed games to see as much of what you want as quickly as you could want it.Despite the convenience and the amount of information available http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/d.j.-reader-jersey , it’s daunting. There’s too many games, too many players, too many teams. There are too many ways you can waste your finite time on boring, bland http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/ryan-griffin-jersey , and uninteresting football.To help you, and ourselves out for the upcoming season, we ranked every NFL team’s by their Game Pass entertainment value, just like we did last year. The categories are:The final rankings are both of our combined scores. Here’s Part One in case you missed it. Let’s talk about teams 15-1 you have to watch for the upcoming 2018 season. T-15.) Washington Redskins (Last Year’s Ranking: 26)Matt Weston:T-15.) Houston Texans (26)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-15.) Carolina Panthers (26)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-12.) Los Angeles Chargers (28)Luke Beggs:T-12.) Atlanta Falcons (28)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-10.) Los Angeles Rams (30)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-10.) Kansas City Chiefs (30)Luke Beggs:T-8.) Jacksonville Jaguars (31)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-8.) Tennessee Titans (31)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs: T-6.) Green Bay Packers (32)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-6.) Pittsburgh Steelers (32)Luke Beggs:4.) New England Patriots (34)Luke Beggs:3.) Philadelphia Eagles (35)Luke Beggs:Matt Weston:2) New Orleans Saints (36)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:1.) Minnesota Vikings (28)Luke Beggs:Houston Texans Injury News: Seantrel Henderson Suffers Broken Ankle Authentic Lamar Miller Jersey , Out For Season In case you missed it in the Texans’ loss to New England yesterday, Houston is now without the services of their starting right tackle for the foreseeable future, as Seantrel Henderson broke his ankle.I imagine we’ll get a better idea how long Henderson will be out (in other words, whether there’s any chance he can return this season) later today.I’m also curious to see if the Texans stick with the personnel they employed after Henderson went down Authentic Jadeveon Clowney Jersey , as I was surprised that they moved Julien Davenport from left tackle to right tackle to insert Martinas Rankin on the left side; I would have figured they’d leave Davenport on the left side and slide Rankin into the right tackle spot vacated by Henderson.UPDATE:As feared, Henderson will miss the rest of the 2018 season.Rankin and Davenport are going to have to grow up fast.

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