Are Over the Counter Weight Loss Supplements Worth a Try?

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    A few months ago I was among the group Ketogenic Accelerator Review of people with very high blood pressure also known as the invisible enemy because most of the time does not show symptoms. This was discovered by my doctor during a regular check up who gave this valuable weight loss advice: He said that considering my age, 66, I was at a high risk. I took the warning very seriously and decided to follow a program of reducing fat in my food, taking some pills and becoming more active.

    I took up golfing, swimming, jogging and climbing stairways instead of the elevator. I decided to use my car less and walk more to do my errands which saved me gas lot of money and help me meet new friends around the neighborhood.

    In very short time my blood pressure went down to normal along with my cholesterol and trygliceride level. I also lost 15 pounds which was a dramatic weight loss. I felt younger too. According to the experts there are 7 simple steps to succeed with your weight loss program. The first one is to see realistic goals. Patients lose motivation when they try to do too much in a very short time. First ask yourself “what do I want to achieve with from this weight control program? You also need to change a few things about your lifestyle. Dump all your colas, junk food, puddings and fatty foods into your garbage can.

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