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    Could Lodge be a potential Colts target in the draft?”WhiteFanposts Fanshots Colts StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Colts NewsYahoo Colts Team PageYahoo Colts ReportYahoo Colts Depth ChartYahoo Colts TransactionsYahoo Colts PhotosShop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁旵olts AnalysisInterviewsNFL DraftColts Prospect Interviews: Ole Miss WR DaMarkus LodgeNew Braden Smith Jersey 2019 ,19commentsCould Lodge be a potential Colts target in the draft?EDTShareTweetShareShareColts Prospect Interviews: Ole Miss WR DaMarkus LodgeMatt Bush-USA TODAY SportsThe Colts prospect interviews are rolling along as we approach these players’ Pro Days. Today’s player interview is Ole Miss WR DaMarkus Lodge. The Colts need more depth at the receiver position and the acrobatic Lodge would be an excellent fit.The interview will be towards the bottom of the page as we talk about his how he wins at the line of scrimmage, his insane catch against Vanderbilt, and how he fits in the Colts’ receiver group.BackgroundSize:6’1” 202 pounds Measurables: 40 Time: 4.55 / 10-yard split: 1.6 / Bench Press: 11 Reps / Vertical Jump: 33.5 inches / Broad Jump: 119 inches / 3-Cone: 7.06 secondsCareer Stats:122 catches for 1,790 yards and 14 touchdowns with a yards per catch of 14.6 in his college career.Fit with the Colts:DaMarkus Lodge would be an excellent fit in the Colts’ offense. With TY Hilton as the “Z” receiver and Devin Funchess likely lining up as the big slot, the Colts need an outside “X” receiver who can win off the line and catch balls in traffic. Those are two areas that Lodge excels in. His releases are superb and his ability to make acrobatic catches in traffic is perhaps the best in the class. He would be able to settle in perfectly on the outside in the Colts’ offense and perform well in this potential role.Film RoomFirst thing that really pops with Lodge is his releases off the line. He wins in a ton of ways from quick feet to being more physical than corners. Lodge creates a lot of separation at the line of scrimmage.Lodge wins in traffic as well. His ability to get vertical and high point passes is superb. He is an acrobat in the air, and he knows how to twist and contort his body to make catches most players struggle to make.Lodge is unafraid of going over the middle. He can work in the intermediate areas and fight through contact for catches. He also has strong hands and shields his body well in traffic.Lodge seems to love to block which I’m sure has caught the eye of both Frank Reich and Chris Ballard.InterviewZH: You played with two NFL-caliber wide receivers at Ole Miss in AJ Brown and DK Metcalf. What was that receiver room like during the season?DL: Well it was actually a unique experience. Once you get guys that are of that caliber then guys like myself even, it’s usually a selfish room with a lot of egos. It actually wasn’t that way with us. We held each other accountable every day no matter what we did on and off the field. We went to work every single day and put in extra work every day together as a group. It was certainly a blessing to play with those guys and learn from them and have them learn from me also.ZH: Your Junior year Ole Miss went from starting Shea Patterson to Jordan Ta’amu late in the season. What was that transition like going from Shea to Jordan?DL: It actually wasn’t a hard transition at all because everything we did, we did together so if one quarterback was out there then all of the quarterbacks were out there, from walk-ons to scholarship guys. We had been throwing with Jordan all offseason in the summer so we were pretty familiar with him and he was familiar with us. It was pretty easy getting him in and connecting with him real fast because we were working with him for so long. ZH: You were invited to the Shrine Game this offseason. How was that experience for you?DL: Definitely a great experience, especially my favorite part, which was the hospital. Just seeing those kids and how their faces lit up when we walked in. Spending time with those kids, and learning their stories, and how they came up White Kemoko Turay Jersey , and what they are going through, and try to be an inspiration to them was definitely my favorite part. It was a great experience though, I got to meet a lot of guys. I met a lot of NFL coaches and got to learn NFL terminology out of their playbooks so I really appreciate the East West Shrine for having me. ZH: Let’s talk a little about your game now. The first thing that stands out is your releases off of the line of scrimmage. How did you master the ability of winning off of the line?DL: Well I’ve kind of been working on it for a long time with my trainer, David Robertson. He would always tell me that if you can’t get off press coverage then it doesn’t matter if you run a great route or run a 4.3 even. If you can’t get off of the line then all that stuff doesn’t matter. I’ve been working on press releases for a while man. I’ve got so many (moves) that I can just pull out and beat a cornerback with all game, so that is definitely something I’ve worked on.ZH: You are an acrobat in the air as you make a ton of difficult catches. Is that just a natural trait that you have or was that something you tried to work on?DL: Well, with things like that and making those type of catches, the circus catches, as people will call them, it kind of has to happen naturally. That was kind of just God-given, man, and I never really just worked on making crazy catches but they just seem to happen for me (laughs). ZH: Of all your crazy catches you made in your career at Ole Miss, which one was the most memorable one?DL: It is crazy because I have two actually. Number one was the one handed touchdown against Vanderbilt (shown below). I caught it on Joejuan Williams. It was a fade route, I opened up and reached out with my left hand. I’m right handed so I really don’t catch the ball with my left hand at all really so it kind of just like stuck and I got my two feet down and that was just crazy. I’ve always dreamed of catching a one handed touchdown all my life and I finally did it so that was by far my favorite one.My second favorite one Kemoko Turay Jersey 2019 , I caught a screen route and then I hurdled a guy and once I hit the ground, I juked another guy so that had to be my second favorite one (shown below).ZH: I’m glad you brought up the Vandy catch because I wanted to ask you about it. I noticed you got two feet down when you only needed to get the one. Just what was going through your mind on that one?DL: (Laughs) Well you know, I was working on the toe tapping and things for so long so it just kind of happened naturally. A lot of my catches that I catch on the sideline, I honestly don’t even try to do the toe tapping thing, it just kind of happens. When I came from the sideline on that play, AJ Brown came up to me and was like “Bro you caught that with one hand AND got two feet down?? That was a circus bro.” I was like dang, I didn’t even know that so I don’t know it just kind of naturally happens (laughs).ZH: Switching topics a tad, I noticed on film that you like to do the dirty work. You are a very strong run blocker for a receiver. Is that an area of your game that you take pride in?DL: Yes sir, I definitely do. I’m not the biggest of the group or the most stand-outish of them. You know those guys got the big muscles and six packs and all of that so I was always called the “little guy” so I kind of just took it upon myself to work on blocking and just compete every play. You know blocking is straight effort. Little technique but straight effort so you can control how you block and not be a selfish teammate. It was something I took upon myself to get better at because I was God awful at it my freshman year.ZH: Who was the toughest cornerback you faced in your college career?DL: Oh wow…. there a bunch of guys man. I’d probably have to say Vernon Hargreaves which was my sophomore year when we went down to Florida. Hargreaves was the toughest corner as far as being physical, he was a technician, he was a very smart football player and where he was supposed to be every single time, so definitely Vernon Hargreaves.ZH: Which NFL player do you compare yourself to most/model your game after?DL: I watch a lot of guys. I pick and choose from a ton of them. Michael Thomas, he’s a big physical guy who is going to go up and catch the ball no matter where it is with his catch radius. I get a lot of my releases and top of my routes from Odell Indianapolis Colts Khari Willis Jersey , he is very good with releases and giving a little sauce at the top of the route. I model my toe tapping after AB. He kind of made it popular with the “Tony Toe Tap” thing. I kind of pick and choose from a lot of guys though.ZH: Last two questions are going to be Colts centered. First off, the Colts’ receiving core features two talented players in Devin Funchess and TY Hilton. What would you bring to that receiving room with those guys?DL: I think me just being the person that I am. I bring high energy to everything I do from film session to weight room, I’m always up dancing and getting everybody going. I’m also a student of the game, though. I can dissect a defense and I think I’m a pretty good route runner. I can get separation at the top of my routes. I would just come in and compete with those guys every day.ZH: Lastly, what would it be like to catch passes from a quarterback like Andrew Luck in the NFL compared to playing with college quarterbacks (no slight to Jordan Ta’amu or Shea Patterson intended)?DL: Man…. That would be awesome. It still doesn’t feel real at this point that I’ll be playing with the guys that I’ve been looking up to for the last decade. I don’t know man, I just can’t wait. Like you said, no disrespect to Jordan or Shea but those guys in the NFL are the top of the top. They’ve been doing this for a while so I know there will be a lot of accurate balls and they’ll put the ball where only I can get it. I think my true talents will actually show better than my college career at the next level. Elliot’s 7 Round Indianapolis Colts Mock Draft 1.0″Chris Ballard and the Colts have done a fantastic job this offseason re-signing their own guys and bring in new players to strengthen the team. Ballard has done such a good job that there aren’t really any glaring holes/needs. He’s managed to keep together 21 out of 22 starters (electing not to re-sign Al Woods) while adding a wide receiver to help the offense out in Devin Funchess and adding a pass rusher to help the defense out in Justin Houston. All while still having around $60 million in cap space left and 9 draft picks. Speaking of those 9 draft picks 3 are in the top 60 of the draft. So with only two weeks until the draft, using knowledge of the team and the upcoming draft prospects here is the mock draft. Let’s Go! Round 1 (Pick 26) – Safety – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson- Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty ImagesAnalysisColts hit the ground running grabbing a versatile do it all safety in Gardner-Johnson. I’ve previously mocked him to the Colts in the second round but the closer we get to the draft the higher Gardner-Johnson seems to be rising. Grabbing a versatile safety in the first round ticks off the need for a future starting safety alongside Hooker and gives the Colts a dynamic safety tandem for years to come. Round 2 (Pick 34) – IDL – Dexter Lawrence – Clemson Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty ImagesAnalysisThe Colts continue on the defensive side of the ball in selecting Dexter Lawrence. Lawrence is a big, big man weighing in at around 340 lbs but you wouldn’t guess that by how he plays. He plays a lot faster and nimbler than his 340 lbs suggests. Lawrence isn’t your traditional nose tackle who is becoming extinct in the league. He is a new breed. He can two gap, one gap, stop the run, open it up for fellow teammates and, most importantly Indianapolis Colts Christine Michael Jersey , he can get after the quarterback himself! Round 2 (Pick 59) – Wide Receiver – Deebo Samuel – South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImagesAnalysisNow we turn our attention to the offensive side of the ball with Deebo Samuel. Samuel was let down in college by poor quarterback play but still managed to show off just what he can bring to the NFL. Samuel also showed off at the senior bowl showcasing his great route running, catching ability and overall talent. Adding Samuel to the Colts wide receiver corps will only help take this offense to the next level! Round 3 (Pick 89) – Tight End – Dax Raymond – Utah State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty ImagesAnalysisStaying on offense the Colts take Dax Raymond. Raymond is a name many will not have heard about but really should. He’s the prototypical modern tight end in that he’s a strong receiver who feeds off throws to the middle of the field in which he can dominate over linebackers trying to cover him. He has great run after the catch ability and is a big, fast target. He will only add another target and dimension for the Colts and Luck to work with.Round 4 (Pick 129) – Edge – Maxx Crosby – Eastern Michigan Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty ImagesAnalysisThe Colts go back to defense with this pick but this time to the defensive line to take edge rusher Maxx Crosby. Crosby is a smaller school pass rusher who lit up the combine posting impressive numbers in both 40 yard dash (4.66 secs) and 3 cone (6.95 secs) all at 6’5” and 255 lbs. As mentioned, he is a smaller school prospect and did flash potential but needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as he did beat up on some lesser talent. He is a perfect developmental pass rusher who could begin his NFL career backing up the Colts current defensive ends and providing situational pass rush when needed. Round 4 (Pick 135) – Cornerback – Isaiah Johnson – Houston Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty ImagesAnalysis Staying on the defensive side of the ball, but this time heading back to the secondary, to select corner Isaiah Johnson. Johnson, a former wide receiver, possesses exactly what Chris Ballard likes in his corners, length, physicality and ball skills. Johnson is 6’2”, snagged 4 interceptions and 12 PBUs in his two years playing corner and can lay a nice hit when necessary. Johnson has the ability to play a variety of coverages, he can play man and zone but also press and off coverage too. His speed (4.4 secs at the combine) allows him to run step for step with wide receivers but also come down hill and tackle to reduce YAC. Round 5 (Pick 164)- Linebacker – Bobby Okereke – StanfordPhoto by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty ImagesAnalysisOn face value the Colts don’t really have a huge need at linebacker after drafting three last year, two of which will likely be starters this year in Darius Leonard at WILL Linebacker and Matthew Adams at SAM Linebacker. Anthony Walker who was drafted in 2017 will man the MIKE Linebacker position. So why a Linebacker? Because depth is how teams win and keep winning and Bobby Okereke provides quality depth. He’s a smaller Womens Christine Michael 2019 Jersey , athletic linebacker built in the mold of linebackers that Chris Ballard likes. Okereke is an athletic, rangy linebacker who attacks aggressively down hill. He holds up well enough in the run but really shines in coverage. He will be solid depth at the WILL linebacker position for the Colts. Round 6 (Pick 199) – Offensive Tackle – Paul Adams – Missouri Photo by Donald Page/Getty ImagesAnalysis The Colts need to start thinking about the future at tackle, whether it’s Anthony Castonzo’s eventual heir at left tackle or whether the team believes Braden Smith is the future at right tackle or was just a one year stop gap. Also, as of now, the Colts have a need at depth along the offensive line. Enter Paul Adams a three year starter at tackle for Missouri. He has the off field traits Ballard likes in prospects being a two year captain in 2017 and 2018. On the field Adams has the size and foundation needed to be able to develop into a NFL tackle or even being kicked inside to guard.Round 7 (Pick 240) -Edge – Malik Reed – NevadaRon Chenoy-USA TODAY SportsAnalysisThe 7th round is where teams look to grab contributors on special teams, where questionable characters slide to or where developmental prospects are taken. Malik Reed is the latter, he has all the off field traits a team looks for: team captain, workout warrior and an academic. He also has a lot of on field traits that teams look out for: bend, hand usage and versatility. Reed is an intriguing prospect as he’s played full time edge rusher but also off the ball linebacker too. He’s clearly talented but needs refining and developing by an NFL coaching staff.

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