Does Success Chase You?

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    Now I know you may be thinking that 7 day Prayer Miracle Review there is a world of difference between learning how to drive a car and opening up a business, or going to a certain school, or moving out of the city or state you’ve lived in your whole life. Well, truth be told, there isn’t much difference at all. It’s all in your mindset.

    Now when you were learning to drive, you probably had your parents or friends helping you out and constantly encouraging you. You had most likely seen other people driving most of your life, and you probably never had anyone tell you wouldn’t be a good driver. That’s where our mindset comes into play. You had probably never been told that you will never make it at driving, it’s way too risky, or you’re not smart enough to do it. However when it comes to our dreams and the things that we hope to accomplish, well, we may have had someone or we may have even told ourselves that it’s too hard, we’d never make it, or we’re not smart enough. When we concentrate and meditate on these kinds of negative thoughts our confidence goes out the window and we leave our hopes and dreams in the dream world.

    On the other hand, when we begin to believe in ourselves something amazing begins to happen. We begin to realize that we have more talents and abilities than we originally realized. We begin to see that we are capable of doing things that we probably never thought we could do. Once you see it, you begin to believe it, and when you believe it and have God on your side, nothing is impossible for you.Now I don’t want to deceive you into thinking that just by stepping out you’ll automatically walk into whatever success you’re seeking. Accomplishing anything worthwhile in life usually takes work, a good dose of discipline, and the blessing of God. You’ll also need to use wisdom and get understanding of what you’re getting into.

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