Exercises to Get Rid of Back Pain and Sciatica

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    In tendonosis there is no obvious swelling. Joint Pain Hack Review This is not a good thing because the body’s immune system is no longer trying to repair the damage to the tendon. Why would the body give up? Connective tissue such as ligament and tendons do not have a good blood supply to them. This is obvious to anyone who opens a book on anatomy.

    Tendons are whiteish in appearance while the muscle they are holding to the bone are bright red. Without the blood supply, healing and rebuilding tissues such as collagen never get to the injured tendon. The poor blood supply is nature’s design to allow the tendon elasticity and tensile strength in support of the powerful muscles. But when injury occurs – nature’s design is not always best.

    Typical treatments in tendonosis include immobilization (rest) to allow the tendon to heal. But – if there is no blood supply – there is no healing – so movement to increase circulation to the achillies tendon may be prescribed.Obviously anti-inflammatory medications are out because they block the biosynthesis of coll agen and inhibit inflammation.


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