If somebody's eager for ESOM Gold let them be

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    He Username I’m getting defensive because people can’t accept the simple fact that I have a different opinion to theirs such as u. I am not even comparing to anything to begin with so what are u even talking about. All I said was that it seems dull. IDC if it’s a totally free cellular game or what in the end of the day it seems boring to me personally so I don’t know why u r becoming defensive over a game. Oh and btw I must mention that 381 people agree with me not to mention all the others.

    I agree and it’s not due to the limited moving or battle system it seems to be the presentation and lack of control. A good example is infinity blade, nevertheless the most effective portable exclusive made and every one was better than the last, verry interactive challenging but repetitive battle system, and item collecting system that never felt dull (before you completed all course), but even then there were still negative lives and other restricting and punnashing modes that kept the game interestingthe enemy kinds were not even incredibly varied it was good but I have seen better, however the movesets change and there are constant surprises and challenges, obviously this is absolutely free and that’s paid but still there a right way and a wrong way to do it, continuous interesting reward for creative and skillful drama is the correct way.

    You’re right it seems dull and that is because it is ESO Blades Gold. I swear if most of the game is like this I will last about half an hour before I uninstall. And I am pretty certain it’s not open world and I am pretty certain it’s not multiplayer, so what dose it offer besides endlessly running areas like you see here, well nothing apart from just that. You run through the road to the finish and on to the next one etc. Until you to weak you need to run them again. They added a town attribute, big deal, I bet it is not going to maintain depth. To be honest I think people will be very disappointed with this one.

    Ever since I heard of it I had thoughts in my mind that this game could have underestimated and could be low key good. But its only a guess. Usually on cellular games, devs must be somewhat creative as a result of hardware constraints. So my hope is that imagination will make it a unique experience.Being hyped free of charge es content makes you a fanboy? Why does everyone think blurting out”fanboy” instantly makes the other men argument nullified or discredits their hype? If somebody’s eager for ESOM Gold let them be, as it’s similar to Bethesda is doing something anti user. It’s absolutely free, like I said.You’re not. I’m really really hyped for it but I hope they publish the PC version at start or sometime soon afterwards. I know for a fact that my small Tracfone won’t play with this game, considering it could barely run Crossy Road. However, I’m hyped for the game however. I’m more convinced, day-by-day, that individuals will never be happy with anything.

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