Key Tips to Becoming Great at Finding Poker Tells of Your Opponents

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    In the late stages of a tournament, Auto-Lotto Processor Review my positive feelings sometimes start to falter. I don’t know why it happens. It won’t be because of a bad beat or a lost pot. It is just my attitude about the game changes. Sure enough, I will end up one or a few places out of the money. I tell myself to be positive, but it just doesn’t work.

    If I don’t go negative late in a tourney, it’s because I know I can’t be beat. In fact, if I don’t win, I am shocked. I can be all-in against pocket Aces, and I know things will go my way.I experience bad beats like everyone else. While I don’t go on tilt usually, it does effect me mentally. And my negative feelings and thoughts attracts bad results.

    In a specific hand, I can be in the lead on the flop and the turn, but I will think of the one card my opponent needs to beat me on the river. Sure enough, more times than I care to recall, that one lousy card appears.Yet, with positive thinking, I may move all-in with a hand like A-9 suited of hearts and the chip leader will call me with A-K. I don’t why but I know I am going to win. It is an attitude or a feeling I get.

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