Peyronies Treatment – Fix Your Bent Penis With Proven Peyronies Treatment

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    When premature ejaculation occurs, Serexin Review taking every other mental anxiety out of the equation, it is simply climaxing too early for either yourself, your partner or both. Sex ends prematurely and that is what causes the embarrassment and stress of feeling inadequate. It can even end before sex has started as in extreme cases all it takes for you to ejaculate is seeing your partner naked. This is in very dire circumstances though.

    Although it is a medical condition, you can overcome premature ejaculation without having to go to your GP.Follow these techniques and you will be lasting longer in bed with your partner before you know it.Masturbate before having sex – Yes, you read that right my friend. If you masturbate around an hour before sex, then your primal urges to ejaculate will be a lot less intense and as a result, you will last longer in bed with your partner than usual.

    Visit the toilet before you have sex – This may seem like a strange one but one of the other reasons men can ejaculate prematurely is additional stress and pressure on the internal organs near your prostate, namely your bladder. So before you have sex, ensure you visit the toilet to empty it and reduce this pressure.

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