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    I get a fair bit of compliments on my looks from both genders. Being rs gold attractive doesn make you less socially awkward, but it will probably get you invited out more etc which means you get more opportunities to work on your socially awkwardness. Let say the template is at ilvl 850. If you are an ilvl 780 freshly dinged person, you can "tag trade" to suddenly be 850 together with some other freshly dinged friend. I would certainly be able to pull this off as I have horde btag friends on same realm as myself.
    Silverton Fright Fest: The Silverton Casino Hotel launches a month of Halloween festivities with the Silverton Fright Fest. Guests can enjoy a variety of family friendly and ghoulish activities including haunted houses, games, rides a pumpkin patch, a banana derby featuring monkeys racing on little dogs and much more. Guests 21 and over can enjoy the beer garden. The event is hosted by the 66th Rescue Squadron and Detachment 1 Spouses Groups from Nellis Air Force Base.
    On Wednesday, April 17, the University of Detroit Jesuit varsity Cubs (5 4) have a home conference game against the Brother Rice Warriors (3 1 1). at 8400 S. Cambridge Ave. University of Detroit Jesuit boasts a 5 3 conference record, and the visiting Brother Rice boys are 2 1 in conference play so far this season.
    Head to the Richard Christiansen Theater for a showing of The Ridiculous Darkness, a dark comedy about Sergeant Oliver Pellner orders to travel into the wilderness, find a colonel who has gone rogue and kill him. Pellner embarks on his mission with confidence, but soon finds that nothing makes sense anymore.
    No idea why? Really? Probably because theres 400+ people who didn want the clan to close. Theres a lot of friendships/history within the clan and they don wanna see it go. Maybe they want to see the name go on, so people make a new clan regarding it. Wumps reasoning for closing the clan is bullshit anyway. Pass it to someone instead of ruining what 100s of others like. Even if the clan fizzled out under a new leadership like he talks about, atleast he gave it a shot to carry on rather than just kicking everyone out of nowhere and giving it no shot to live on. But wump always had a big ego secretly.
    Try for a pick. Separate the healers. Grav/ult combo. But wait, can they rez? Can they tranquility/sound barrier our combo? Can genji deflect our grav and or dragon. What about dva? She can just eat the soldier/cree/reaper/mei/hanzo ult. She needs to be out of mech first. And on and on and on.

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