That means click fraud accounts

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    That means click fraud accounts for up to 2.4 billion dollars each year. Furthermore, the internet’s share of advertising has continued to rise, despite the dismal economy. Advertisers may be cutting back, but the more traditional media of television and print suffer the most.

    As a result, if a company is new or wants to roll out a new product line, Invite5 would be a perfect avenue because it is cheap and laser targeted to a captive audience. Networks promoting a new television show and movie studios preparing for the release of the latest blockbuster would love to have not only the inexpensive advertising, but the feedback from consumers on their campaigns. Where else can advertisers get 1000 impressions before a targeted demographic for $100? That price tag goes down further when you consider that an Invite5 user who likes an ad has the option to hit a built in share button and send the ad to their favorite social media sites. That feature has a dual effect: first, it allows an ad to go viral in an organic fashion, potentially reducing the cost of the ad to fractions of a penny per impression; second, it gives advertisers incentive to produce top shelf advertising, which in Wholesale Cigarettes Online turn will draw in more consumers. Some people like to claim they pay no attention to advertising, but the truth is they do not pay attention to bad advertising. Over half the people who watched the 2009 Super Bowl did not tune in for the game – they watched to see the new 30 second ads advertisers paid 3 million dollars per pop to show.

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