The Division 2 Credits is a sport

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    Nothing but complaints from people. It’s not the first game on steriods not even close they shifted the basic tactics so much no longer facetanking for example it is absolutely more tactical your wrong there also and the nps aren’t bullet sponges compared to The Division 2 you have to aim correctly and hit on the weak points and at reward for percison aiming you hit harder and kill faster then ever. It is not socom it’s a RPG I really don’t understand rpg that use 1 shot to kill so all of you people below me with comments are people players who even played The Division 2 let alone know the fundemantals behind hit. It looks great in my opinion but people will hate lol all fantastic tho just pointing out an observation.

    I purchased the very first one, got screwed from the downgrading and shadowy zone glitches. Picked it up again a year later for the global events, enjoyed it but chronosmax control players and everyone running the same gear for meta made it soooo boring. I got the impression Massive ran out of thoughts with updates for The Division 2, it played out like a episode of the series of LOST. I dunno if I will buy it,if nothing else acceptable turns up possibly but I won’t be rushing out for midnight release that is fo sho.

    You know what I simply think players are becoming more of The Division 2 Phoenix Credits, due to everyone saying it looks the same, like wtf man back when GTA 3 came out it had been ground breaking then GTA Vice City came out and it was the same thing distinct location, San Andreas came out essentially the same thing different place, then GTA liberty city/Vice City stories was the exact same dam thing, why all your guys complaining? Do you believe the devs are going to altered the crap from this game? You believe they’re going change it? When they did then it’d be call something else… I remember back in the ps2/Xbox era everybody was eager to get a brand new sequel to great game, Star wars battle front two (first ps2/Xbox one) which was the exact same issue to the first Star wars battlefront.

    Halo! It’s the exact same thing with a tie narrative. If you guys are saying that it appears to be an expansion? What do you want?? Do you want something so different as it’s not a division style that we ought to simply rename the game to something match?? SMH at times the gamer community must return and realized they are those talking unnecessary bullshit about a brand new game. And I do not encourage loot boxes if one of you guys will say some crap like that.

    I played the division for 241 hours, the game is just fine for single player and pve co-op, the issue is that the game describes you nothink for pvp,stats, etc.. . Then there’s a grind . The pvp is horrible for both equilibrium and gameplay, so it doesnt make sense and you have to devote hours upon hours online searching for guides to understand wth is going on. For example: I got the defence categorized gear, maxed out it attained maximal equipment score and individuals somehow manage to destroy me and my defense in a second. I just play online pvp in matches and that’s the only game I can’t know and had to quit after spending 241h trying to find out it.

    For all of the bullet sponges ppl go play ghost recon…. The Division 2 Credits is a sport let them be creative with all the game in their own way. Why do ya need to be so square with ya imagination? Rpg equals aliens,robots,demons,zombies. Now we have a hundreds of games like this then ya’ll whine about another zombie game or another battle royale or this game is copying from diablo or fate so I am not buying it….make up ya mind. . .listen simply like it if you like it or give it a shot if you feel you might like it, whats the harm out of 400 hours or more of your life now being spent on a game that you might like and maybe not spending additional time with luv ones in the actual world but that is another story…

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