The Mindset – You Need This to Be Successful Online

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    If you are having difficulty with the law of Abundance Manifestor Review attraction there is something you must become aware of and that is the power of protecting your magnetic field. Your magnetic field is the energy which surrounds your body. It is this energy which determines how easily you attract what you want into your life.

    To help you understand, just imagine that you are a magnet and you attract into your life not based on a single thought. Instead you attract based on a whole stream of thought energy which creates the quality of energy in your magnetic field. However in addition to your own thought energy you are also being influenced by the concentration of thought energy in your environment as well as the though energy which is projected at you.

    You may not realize just how damaging the negative thoughts of others can hamper your success. When someone wishes you ill they are sending a stream of negative energy into your magnetic field. If your own thought energy is not high enough or positive enough this can seriously damage your magnetic field. If you are trying to manifest something in your life and find it hard to do you may want to look at some of the people you have in your life. Ask yourself, are there people who constantly speak defeat in your life?

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