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    When GetTheBar came out, some questioned whether advertisers would direct ad dollars, especially in a bad economy, to a form of media where the customer is incentivized to click on an ad for a product that they may have no interest in purchasing. The truth is advertisers give incentives all the time to consumers to pay attention to their ads, whether it be monetary or not. Why else are buxom blonds in ads that have nothing to do with being buxom or being blond? ZenithOptimedia, a British market research firm, reported that advertisers waste more than 200 billion dollars annually on advertising that does not reach its targeted demographic. Advertisers will gladly pay consumers to view an ad provided they are given a captive audience in the demographics the advertiser is targeting. In fact, advertisers already do it all the time – they are called focus groups.

    Those concerns also assume that the only purpose of an advertisement is to make a sale; but that assumption is absolutely false. The purpose of a large percentage of advertising is branding, and many major advertisers have avoided big buys on the net because the dominant form of online advertising – pay per click – is too expensive and has a fraud rate estimated to be as high as 30% of the clicks. According to Emarketer, another market research firm, 2009 advertising expenditures in the United States alone will top over Newport Cigarettes Coupons 300 billion dollars, with about 10% of that – 3o billion – spent on internet advertising. Of that 30 billion, Emarketer estimates over 8 billion dollars is spent per year on pay per click.

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